Advocates for Water Science

Who We Are

Our History

Since 2013 the initiator participated in the annual water conferences organized by Gerald Pollack (the conference series started in 2005). It is a gathering of water scientists curious to venture into the unknown properties of water. In those years, we experienced our own struggle in water science, to get it funded and accepted, and at the same time the inspiration we always had to continue to dive deeper into water science and water’s connection with literally all of life. We always enjoyed the mixed group of people with different backgrounds coming together (scientists, entrepreneurs, healthcare practitioners and more) and we felt the urge to bring into reality the full collective potential of this group to change the world.

Water touches every conventional scientific discipline, it therefore requires a multi-disciplinary approach. One cannot acquire expertise in all these disciplines, therefore collaboration is key. And since water touches even the unseen, a new science needs to develop.

The idea for the World Water Lab arose: a world wide connected lab consisting of scientists and labs sharing their expertise and resources to efficiently and effectively tackle the subject of Water; a strong outward message for water science, so that individual labs and scientists don’t need to stand the ‘test’ alone; solid science and quality marking for water solutions on the market; education for the general public; and a new scientific discipline.

Our vision

To enhance, change and influence the future of water science, through world-wide scientific collaboration across all scientific fields and accelerate a scientific revolution across all the sciences.

Our mission

To form a network of global scientists sharing expertise, equipment, and worldwide laboratory space to collaborate on scientific projects efficiently, cost-effectively, and with high-quality output.

Our strategy

Our values

Support Team

The following people are contributors to this project. This group is evolving, following the flow of our Waters.

Everine van de Kraats, PhD

Project initiator, strategy and vision, platform, scientific and entrepreneur connections, consultant

Water scientist, community and platform builder and co-founder of World Water Community.

Igor Jerman, PhD


Professor, lab director Bion Institute

Gina Bria


Anthropologist, founder of the Hydration Foundation

Bastiaan Bosch

Strategy and vision, platform, business connections

Therapist, investor and co-founder of the World Water Community.

Matt Thornton


Airforce pilot, water sommelier, water science enthusiast, founder of the New Water Generation and podcast Water Stories

Harald Kerres


Intellectual property specialist, water science enthusiast and researcher


The following scientists have already indicated to be part of this initiative in one way or another.

Akiko Stein

Alexander Tournier, PhD

Anne Ulrich, PhD

Beverly Rubik, PhD

Cees Kamp

Daniel Fels, PhD

Everine van de Kraats, PhD

Gerald Pollack, PhD

Gina Bria

Glen Rein, PhD

Igor Jerman, PhD

John Stuart Reid, PhD

Laura Colton

Leoni Bonamin, PhD

Livio Giuliani, PhD

Magdalena Kowacz, PhD

Maria Olga Kokornaczyk, PhD

Michael Bache, PhD

Nikolaj Sorgenfrei Blom, PhD

Olga Yablonsky, PhD

Paolo Renati, PhD

Pierre Madl, PhD

Roberto Germano, PhD

Veda Austin

Vladimir Voeikov, PhD

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